Monday, November 2, 2015

Add drama, raise ratings
Truth is an afterthought.

 ~ The highly popular 10 Most Dangerous Cities media articles we read every year or two has only the basic, eye opening data. Even though the stats they print reveal create great interest, they don’t tell the whole story. If they did, the sky would fall on them.

If they included details of the city’s diversity as pertaining to race, or the race of the perpetrators, the hills would come alive with the sound of haters! And although the numbers of violent crimes are decreasing over the last 25 years, the hype has increased tremendously, magnified immensely when the victim is black.

 ~ So, if GOP Presidential candidates have such a big problem with the liberal media debate moderators, why don’t they just change them. When Trump and Carson threatened to “no show” a debate, the dynamics changed immediately. Either unite and insist on change or grow a pair and just say no, that’s one of your biggest problems to begin with!

My personal favorite Presidential hopeful is Ben Carson. Two main reasons: he's not a professional politician and he's humble/down to earth. He's smart enough to get good advisors and experts to help and make choices based on what's best for the people. Does that make me racist?

 ~ How long do you think it will be before they take away drivers licenses from epileptics. Enough people continue to get killed by drivers having seizures and it will happen.  I  don't know how they're able to get a license now...

 ~ I have mixed feelings about the drunk who disrupted an airline flight and was sentenced to 10 months of federal time. Part of me thinks it will be just one less drunk yankee to listen to for 10 months and the other part wonders if he should be given the option to be publically caned. Which would be more affective?

 ~ “Every American deserves quality, affordable health care.” President Obama. Quality healthcare in America is far from affordable if you get sick. Health insurance is becoming unaffordable for many as well. When it gets too expensive, the government will socialize medicine and you can wait your turn in line, just like veterans are doing.

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