Monday, May 18, 2015

Holding leadership accountable...

Angel of peace my arse!

 ~ So how do you hold leadership accountable? If you're Egypt, you sentence revolutionaries to death! But alas, I fear they will not carry it out since it would make him a martyr to millions.  Their government did this at great risk, three judges were killed just hours after the verdict.  This is the Muslim Brotherhood our administration and the UN supports!

But in America, when we sentence a terrorist to death for multiple murders, the public becomes ambivalent. In Boston, "...the death sentence almost feels like a blot on the city’s collective consciousness."  Vomitous!

 ~ Going on vacation? Get ready for search and/or seizure of food. Weed is no longer consumed only by inhalation. You can now get high on lollipops, marshmallows and just about any other food that marijuana butter can be used.  Technology and ingenuity at its finest.

 ~ Chicago's liberal government has all but bankrupt the city, recently having it's credit rating lowered to junk status.  But fear not, since those who rape and pillage always move on to greener pastures, infecting and destroying other lives and communities as they polish their halos and justify their actions.  They follow the money!

 ~ NASA is hosting a $2 million competition to design a 3D habitat for deep space exploration. I expect great success and participation from all over the world.  These will be the most efficient habitats in the universe. No telling how many applications these designs could be used. 

 ~ Finding Earth 2.0 is becoming a distinct possibility with planet hunters considering today's technological advances, which are increasing exponentially. Finding life on another planet may be possible, but putting a man on it may take longer than this earth will sustain life. 

 ~ Matthew McConaughey's latest movie "Sea of Trees" was booed recently at the Cannes Film Festival. Variety called it a 'chorus of boos'.  I share this for those who follow his Messianic career.  I couldn't give a $hit less.


Anonymous said...

I ran across a report recently that claimed Pope Francis and Prez Obama were in cohoots with the devil. I'm inclined to agree.

Yet, we rarely hold our leadership accountable at all, do we? Well, we did nail a county commissioner for misuse of funds, right? The thing is, it was a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Those higher crimes by people like Obama, and Clinton, and yes, even Bush, are never prosecuted. Remember what happened to the leaders during the French Revolution? They bled.

Nothing happened in Boston! It was a total set-up proving not only the lengths the federal government will go to in securing their bogus narrative, but also proving how corrupt our judicial system is. Tsarnaev will not be put to death -- if it is reported he is, that will be a lie as well.

Who can afford a vacation? Apparently, only those in the legal profession. If I could, however, I would not partake in marijuana candy.

I don't follow celebrities, but I did happen to notice that a rapper named Jay Z (where do these guys come up with these silly names?) and his wife Beyonce have been bailing out black protestors arrested in demonstrations across the country amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. Jay Z and Beyonce are White House regulars, by the way -- speaking of corruption...

Lastly, I think we should probably stay away from Waco for a long time. I predict open war by the biker gangs against Waco police, DPS, and anybody else involved in that shoot-out yesterday. Those boys don't play.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, nobody is held accountable these days except for those who can't afford to be held accountable.