Thursday, May 14, 2015

LEOs are people too

~ I want to be the first to say I support law enforcement as individuals and as an organization.  I respect and admire their dedication, loyalty and allegiance.  But the fact remains that no human is perfect and it's time for the pot to quit calling the kettle black.

People do not trust law enforcement any more.  Attitudes have changed, both with those in authority and with those who are subject to that authority.  Americans will not be subjects, not to law enforcement or to ISIS.  As injustice is exposed, expect more rebellion.  It's going to get much more messy before attitudes are adjusted and law enforcement is held accountable for bad behavior.  But it will happen.

Why do you think law enforcement gets bent out of shape when their actions are questioned? Is it because they believe they work for a higher ranking official instead of the American people? Is it because they don't believe their first responsibility is to protect and serve the people?  Is it because they don't believe they should be accountable for their actions?
Law enforcement is at a crossroads.  They can continue to protect, justify and defend bad behavior and injustice within their ranks, or they can police themselves and hold their peers accountable, handling it internally.  The problem with allowing bad behavior is that it endangers all LEOs.  The badge and uniform become targets instead of symbols of justice and safety.

 ~ The most stupid thing President Obama has ever said is also the most telling: 'Obama argued if we are going to end poverty, “We’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues.”'  Yea, blame poverty on Fox News, not your dependency enabling social programs.

 ~ I am getting more skeptical about giving donations to all the groups set up outside different store fronts.  Boy Scouts are out.  I passed on the Fort Worth Police Awards Foundation last Saturday because I don't agree with the principle, although I buy meals anonymously for law enforcement regularly.  I did throw $10 in the bucket for homeless Vets the other day and gave $20 to the last homeless man I found stranded in a parking lot.  Yea, I will even give money to a drunk beggar, my reasoning is very complex.

 ~ The best way to kill a church, in my opinion, is for it to get involved in politics. That being said, the Pope, on behalf of the Catholic Church, just officially recognized the Palestinian State in a treaty. The Christian Church is guilty of horrible actions in the past, under the influence of power hungry leadership, and it seems the tradition continues.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a retired police Captain. I agree with you on all points. I'm very disturbed by civil forfeitures when police and federal agents take peoples property without filing a criminal charge. My beloved profession is evolving into highway robbery,,