Friday, May 22, 2015


The title to this video was Police Brutality 2015, but I saw justifiable force several times in th first video which is 39 minutes. There are some crazy/stupid people all over the world and LEO's in other countries handle them much differently!

Sadly, I found it more interesting than TV so I watched all of it. 

Short version below.

Worst of the worst...
Protect and Serve?
Why do I not feel more safe?

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jay son said...

LOVE how many of these clips are taken out of context. the women getting punched in the face as she bites the cop. the naked "drunk" guy running from and fighting the cops was not drunk, but high, maybe on PCP or bath salts, the list goes on.

the "young boy" on the bus never gets his arm dislocated or broke if he behalves and the cops never get called. additionally, the time to debate the merits of arrest are not on the street, but in the court room.

if it looks so easy, i suggest the experts try it sometime.