Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Civil Liberty
Oxymoron of the day!

~ Innocent until proven guilty? Not when the IRS comes in and seizes your assets purely on suspicion. But, if you would settle for getting half your money back, they would be willing to cut through the red tape. Or spend it on attorneys fees, bankruptcy fees or loans to keep you afloat.

Or how about the young man traveling to LA on Amtrak with $16,000 in seed money to start a music video company?  DEA agents even spoke with his mother who corroborated with his story.  They found no evidence of a drug deal, but took his money anyway, just suspicion.  And they wonder why we don't trust LEOs...

Congress has addressed this, but its just part of the redistribution of wealth you were promised in the hope and change agenda.   I consider it extortion.

~ The main stream media hasn’t publicized the Obamacare failure in Hawaii recently that was a $205 million failure. And you probably didn’t hear that their Oregon failure has cost $305 million. There are several other states with problems that haven't published their losses.

I am not surprised by the failures or that the MSM has not publicized it.  What does surprise me is how well this news is hidden.  Search engines make you be very specific when looking for articles relating to these debacles since they are all trying to sell you healthcare insurance.  When I finally did find news links, they weren't to NBC, CBS, ABC or even Fox.  The feds have stroke! 

~ Life is not a bowl of cherries for LGBT couples. As a matter of fact, lesbians may just be more violent than most white males. Butch could be short for butcherer!

 ~ After the Jefferson Davis statue was defaced on the UT Campus, it seems that Confederate symbols are cropping up around Texas. All I can say is if black people keep pushing, they will loose the support of all white people, and then all hell will break loose.

 ~ How would you like to be graduating college with a degree in petroleum or chemical engineering right now? You think new lawyers and dentists are having job problems, these guys are pretty much sunk until we see $70+ oil.

 ~ How long would a white college professor keep his job if he called black college males a problem population? Turn it around and let a black professor say that about white males and the college will back him her up!


Anonymous said...

As Barry likes to say, I am stunned that in this day and age we still have widespread government tyranny extreme hatred toward the white race.

Anonymous said...

Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”