Thursday, May 7, 2015

Commander in Chief
Liar and Thief

 ~ Bill Clinton was asked recently why he wasn't defending the Clinton Foundation with all the recent controversy. His reply, "I just work here. I don't know." Do you believe him? If you controlled an entity that had over $2 billion in it, you would know!

 ~ Don't you know all the Middle Eastern gas station owners in North Texas are on high alert after ISIS stated they're ready to send soldiers to Texas.  I'm expecting some "Bubbas" to start going into those places wearing hats and t-shirts insulting Islam in an attempt to draw them out.

 ~ It looks like the State of Missouri has found a way to deal with their race problem. They recently enacted limits to Welfare, even overriding their Democratic Governor’s veto. I wonder if it will create more riots, more crime or more workers.

Missouri officials should know that activism supersedes employment! It’s almost impossible to protest, loot and riot all night and hold a full time job. Drug testing for employment makes it difficult as well, since they have to self medicate to counteract mood swings. 

 ~ Katy Anders, a commenter on the Deity's Blog got me to thinking when she mentioned "stupid speech" in relation to "unpopular speech" while discussing varying rights of freedom of speech. How speech is labeled is a matter of perception, as are most actions. Then I realized the only people in the world who have not said something stupid or unpopular are mute.  There's no telling what would happen if humans could read each others minds... 

 ~ Many Americans find it difficult to accept the reality that scientific predictions are wrong most of the time. All the greatest scientists throughout history were mostly wrong.

 ~ Hanlon’s razor: "Do not invoke conspiracy as explanation when ignorance and incompetence will suffice, as conspiracy implies intelligence."

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TommyBoy said...

Hey, I'll take credit for getting Katy to think about stupid speech vs. unpopular speech. I was the one who politely called her on it.

Science? Again we are on the same wavelength -- check out today's post of The drifter.

Admittedly, I probably need to shave with Hanlon's Razor more often.

Keep up the good work!