Friday, May 8, 2015

Respect my authority!

 ~ An Iowa father is shook up pretty bad after calling the police when his 16 year old son took his truck without permission. He never expected that they would shoot him dead. I wonder what the community will do since he was white?

  ~ If I could take out a life insurance policy on anyone, it would be the people working for the Clinton Foundation who are insiders orchestrating the cover up. When the feds eventually turn up the heat, they will either take the fall or sing. You don’t sing if you’re south of dirt!

  ~ CNN journalist Chris Cuomo is taking a lot of flack for his statement that “hate speech” is not protected by the U.S. Constitution. What is the purpose of freedom of speech if you don’t protect hate speech. Burning and stomping American flags have been tolerated for decades, along with condemnation of the Christian church, but now that minorities and LGBTs are on the receiving end, liberals have loud voices to proclaim it's end.

  ~ I read where 47 retailers were closing a total of 6,000 stores nationwide. This is not indicative of a growing economy. Middle class Americans now have less disposable income, which will create even more economic downturn. Where is the money going? Wealth redistribution, mainly to our government and for Obamacare. This is only stage 1, more hope and change to come.

  ~ Fox New Insider just reported that Hillary has only answered 7 questions in 26 days. Americans don’t want a President with answers, they want one who will help with their bills. When the candidates give answers to questions, we don’t believe them anyway.

  ~ The only bureaucracy more screwed up than the US government in the United Nations. The UN recently sponsored a festival for the International Press Freedom Organization and then wouldn’t let the press attend. If this doesn’t tell you we need to get away from these group of crazies, you really need to consume less koolaid.

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Spot On with every comment...