Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Can genocide be self inflicted?

~ Did you notice how long that little Jihad lasted in Garland the other night?  I'm surprised more people weren't waiting in the parking lot with weapons just waiting for martyrs to arrive.  Don't even need a license!

Come to find out, the Feds have been watching one of the jihadists for years. The FBI knew he wanted to go fight in Somalia. What I don’t understand is why we didn’t buy them tickets and send them over there? We don’t have to let them back in the country!

Personally, I think events like the one in Garland could be used to draw out homegrown terrorists and neutralize these threats in such a way that is much less damaging than that of the Boston Marathon or the World Trade Center attacks.

Freedom of speech is a precious commodity on earth today! Too bad many want to end this freedom because they disagree with what is said; until they want to stomp or burn an American flag, that’s when it becomes a different story.

Or, we could host a Mohammed hate event in Texas that burned Qurans and insulted the prophet.  A 200 acre event that charged $5 per person, $250 per gun and $500 per camera.  Sell tee shirts, night vision, kevlar and rent high rise, bullet proof box blinds.  We could make more money than Nascar!  A regular jihad rodeo!

~ Our President recently statedThere are consequences to indifference” while referencing the recent racially-motivated protests. I pray God allows his statement to travel full circle.

He has started a foundation to help troubled youth. I’m sure it will serve much in the same fashion as the Clintons’ Charitable Foundation. Great possibilities as a tax-free super fund to organize youth and condition them to help with the redistribution of wealth.

~ I almost fell out of my chair when I looked closely at this website detailing current bond elections and the amount of debt that school districts have amassed. The numbers are staggering. Proving just how easy it is to spend other peoples money.

~ In Texas, if someone runs you off the road without hitting you, but you crash and die, they will not be held accountable for your death. Texas still has problems with its laws, this one is a prime example. Lawmakers haven’t been in any hurry to fix it either.

~ "Nine out of ten Americans could die from starvation, disease and societal collapse, if the blackout lasted a year." Peter Pry, executive director of the EMP Task Force, a bipartisan congressional commission warned this administration recently. It has fallen on deaf ears.

I believe this to be the second greatest threat to life in America, next to financial collapse. If I were a prepper, this is what I would prep for. I do not fear immediate death, but watching my family die of dysentery or starvation is not acceptable. Our government is unwilling to take steps to protect us against this, meaning we are susceptible to a worse case scenario.

~ Law graduates in 2010 are not quite as pleased with their choice of professions as 20% of them have jobs that don’t require a law license and struggle with paying the debt for their education. Only 40% of the graduates work in a law firm.

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