Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why do those who scream tolerance
seem to be the most intolerant?

Quote of the month: “One trillion seconds ago was 29,695 yrs before Christ. One trillion minutes ago humans numbered 18,000. One trillion dollars ago? January.” Andrew H. Scott

Is Indiana's law targeting gays or are liberals targeting religion?

In today’s world, it really doesn’t matter if a Presidential hopeful obeys the law, some nonpartisan group will file a formal complaint of illegal campaign contributions. 

Until they become a part of the hierarchy, they will tread very difficult and dangerous water. Once established as part of the bureaucracy, they usually receive vast amounts of unaccountability, like Hilary Clinton and most POTUS. 

The latest example is the former director of the IRS.  What does it matter if you're guilty of a crime when the Justice Department won’t prosecute. This is how this liberal administration is able to remain unaccountable for their actions. 

Is it just me or do more Democratic politicians get indicted for scandals when Republicans control Congress? It sure looks like more Republicans are taken down when Dems have control. 
So someone tell me, what’s the point of having a religious freedom law if certain groups are excluded or exempt of its influence? I can’t wait to see the fallout when a gay couple go into a Muslim actist’s business and demand service. 

It used to be that in America you could buy something and turn around and sell it for profit. Up until about 2 years ago you could buy a car in American and sell it to someone in another country, until the federal government started taking the cars and the cash, (aka civil forfeiture) for suspicion of a straw purchase. They are being made to give back the cars and cash now…poor Uncle Sam. Did free enterprise win? 

I find it odd that it was the Secret Service and DHS who wanted the high end cars. They must have seen that eye candy and thought that the Justice Dept would back them up. I guess they figured out that they couldn’t win the pending lawsuits. Businesses lost millions! 

Why would the Saudi Defense Minister warn members of Congress and tell them “Iran can’t be trusted”? Everyone, including the Obama Administration already knows this. If you haven’t figured it out yet, our leadership wants them weaponized.

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