Friday, April 3, 2015

Bombs away

Neutralizing the U.S. Military, from within
while creating a new military with a new mission
At 9:42 PM last night, I received an email from the Whitehouse telling me how much safer we are after cutting the deal with Iran.  Now they have to sell it to the American people.  Sorry, I'm not buying Mr. President.

Based on this administration's track record of honesty, unity and transparency, as well as Iran’s track record of supporting terrorism, violating agreements and human rights violations, I would set the odds on truthfulness at less that 5%. 

Trust is not a bi-product of our government any more.

What I do believe will happen is that the entire area will begin a nuclear weapons program as a defensive measure. Any one of those Middle Eastern countries could declare a jihad and light them all up. 

This does not take into account regime change or a terrorist organization gaining control of their weapons facilities.  Industrial Military Complex has benefited in billion$.

If you think the war on terror is not building, then you need to read where 25,000 foreign fighters have headed to Syria and Iraq to fight for several terror networks, including ISIS.

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So how do you get around U.S. sanctions if you’re an Asian Country who doesn’t aspire to being obedient to U.S. policy? You join the new China-sponsored development bank. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said “we screwed up”. Washington Times - hit “skip” on survey to read the article. 

Looks like China is ramping up for another American financial bubble and several other countries are buying in. I don’t think China will turn over their records to us either since we are now dependent on their goods and loans. 

Who needs the World Bank or the U.S. dollar when we’re $18 trillion in debt, mainly to China. Dictating policy to the world and causing the latest financial bubble has made America very unpopular in other countries. Not to mention their lack of faith in the current administration. 

And the most insane news this week, a federal judge ordered California's Dept of Corrections to provide an inmate with a sex change operation. The judge says that by not providing the surgery, they were violating her Constitutional rights. I guess I need to re-read the Constitution because I missed that one.

Justice is not served by this order.  Neither is the taxpayer, since its their funds used to provide the surgery.  I guess they will let children visit pedophiles in prison next.

Yea, you can trust the U.S. government, ask any Native American!

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Anonymous said...

By 2016, all combat units in the US military will be fully integrated. That is the plan. By fully integrated, the US government administration intends on including female warriors within special operations forces like the Navy Seals and Army Delta. Some are already working for these elite organizations, mostly mentioned as pilots flying low and fast. And. of course, drone warriors wearing SOCOM patches.

In other defense news, the UN has drafted a resolution making tiddly-wink and badminton competition the only legal form of combat allowed anywhere on the planet. A spokesperson told us that "it's about time we looked at war as an equal opportunity endeavor."