Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Favoritism, by
U.S. Goverment approval only

The article is not pretty and completely insane!

In more unsurprising news, the government doesn’t want doctors sued for malpractice if they were following quality of care standards used in Medicare, Medicaid or Obamacare. 

I can understand why this has been kept quiet, since losing the lawsuit would prove government standards to be irresponsible, incorrect or at fault. I mean really, how could our government ever be negligent for anything? 

The Justice Department wants to crack down on costly auto loans to minorities. That’s all and well, but it will just keep minorities from getting car loans at all. Lenders’ first priority is to make money and they really don’t care who your daddy is… 

In a free enterprise system, competition normally regulates price/cost. When the government inhibits competition by favoring big business, then price/cost is regulated by those businesses. Prime examples are airlines and car manufacturers, but healthcare insurers are the latest benefactors of government influence. 

What happens when an elite high school can claim diversity, but the majority of students are Asian. You know the results, it’s accused of a lack of diversity among blacks, Hispanics and low income students. They don’t like them apples! The best and brightest don’t come first anymore.

I don't hear white families screaming about fairness or favoritism.  Whites weren't included in the complaint!?!?! Maybe because fairness and political correctness are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Speaking of politics, why is Indiana being condemned by the masses on the Religious Freedom law, but Arkansas is implementing it now and it's getting no press?  Because liberals have no clout in Arkansas, that's why!

It looks as though North Korea has been helping Iran with its nuclear weapons agenda, since around 2012. I would think China and Russia would have to be on board as well, wouldn’t you? Who would have thought it? $100 oil can buy a lot of goodwill…and nuclear technology. 

Yesterday, the U.S. threatened to walk out on the Iran nuclear talks. Honestly, do you think Iran is worried about a threat from this administration? Based on their support of terrorism in the Middle East and the west, how could anyone on earth trust them with nuclear weapons. 

You would think, as an act of good faith, Iran would release a U.S. Marine they have held in prison for 3 years. An Iranian-American, he traveled to Iran to visit relatives, but was accused of being a spy. Does it look to you like they just want to get along?

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Anonymous said...

The senator from New York should be arrested. Failing that, I can think of other methods of stopping the communist insanity gripping the country...