Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prepare to defend yourself,
your family & your property

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away ~
Criminal accountability 
different from state to state

Four teenagers were convicted of murder without killing anyone.  Indiana takes crime very seriously and death is a shared responsibility.  Even though I think 50 year sentences on these kids is harsh, I have no problem with them being held accountable for their friend’s death.

'Under Indiana's felony murder statute, a person can be charged with murder if someone is killed while he or she is committing or attempting to commit another crime.

It was around 2 p.m. They attended an alternative school, which let out early, and they were hanging out at Quiroz's front porch. They discussed ways to get some quick cash to buy weed. Breaking into a home seemed like a good idea. So they began looking for an empty house.'
In retrospect, this type of accountability can be successful only when implemented across the board, on everyone, no matter who they are, what they do or their socioeconomic status.

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White collar crime?

Do you find it a bit odd that a former employee of the Clinton Foundation just got a life sentence in Egypt for espionage with foreign countries? High ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood may help with the Clinton’s fund raising efforts, but folks, call me old fashion, but I still believe that where there is smoke, there is fire!

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I hope you will forgive me if I seem cynical or malevolent, but I have become skeptical about the graft, fraud and piracy these superfunds are subject to.  I understand International Medical Corps are mainly volunteers.  I understand Facebook is matching my donation.  I understand that I may be wrong for my lack of trust, but I feel jaded by the Haiti superfunds that are still sitting in bank accounts and so very few people were helped.

The Clinton foundation did help build a $45 million hotel in Haiti for aid workers.  Of course, by the time it was finished most aid workers were gone.  I'm sure that hotel enriched the lives of so many homeless and poverty stricken, even though they can't afford to stay there.

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