Monday, April 27, 2015

Protest, because it's
easier than a solution

 ~ I learned something new Saturday. Words with Friends informed me that the word “NEGRO” is no longer an acceptable word. Of course, you can use “HONKY” all day long and its considered acceptable. What a double standard we have in today’s academia…of course, you probably already knew that.

  ~ The world has learned, by America’s example, that capitalism is a solution for poverty. Free enterprise worked under capitalism until business could buy government support to regulate, impede, obstruct, inhibit and decelerate competition. Many examples in large industry include food, medicine, banking, utilities and insurance. Uranium mining is a recent example as well. 

I feel safer knowing that Russia now owns 20% of the Uranium in the USA.  That, along with their new partnership in business with Iran just puts the icing on the cake.  Who would sell America to its enemies?

~ Isn't it quite the hypocrisy that the world is condemning Indonesia for enforcing its laws. The UN has even called for a halt of the drug dealers executions. What a great way to deflect attention on the real problems in the world, like genocide, human trafficking and mass murder.

 ~ Sugar has recently been accused as the main reason for the obesity epidemic throughout the world. The WHO came out with this information during the Bush Administration, but were told the USA would withhold $406 million in their funding if they included that information in their report. That administration is guilty of many atrocities in the name of corporate profit.

Sugar is more addicting than cocaine in rats. I bet you didn’t know that our government indirectly subsidizes obesity here. 80% of our schools have cut deals with either Coke or Pepsi. When Americans get tired of seeing their kids get sick and die, they will force a change, probably similar to the fallout with tobacco that lasted 50 years.

  ~ I read an interesting article on a theory of why our bees are dying. I never thought about overdosing on pesticides, after it gets them high…

  ~ The Nepal earthquake is quite horrific. If you’re like me, you wonder if a donation to relief there will go into someone’s pocket, like in Haiti, or if it will actually benefit the people. At this point, I trust none of these fund raising efforts.  

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