Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pandering or Whoring
To become POTUS

You think crime is bad now, Presidential candidates from both parties want to go easier on criminals. They call it “reform” but it’s not about “justice”, it’s about votes. We are watching them compete for the black vote. GOP is looking for 25%, Dems are wanting >75%. Pandering at it’s very finest!

Watch who will be serving and drinking the Kool Aid labeled “Reform”. Heartbreaking stories of oppressed and impoverished people: victims, not criminals. You, the privileged are responsible for not providing them the opportunities of the American dream.  

Poor criminals, your new POTUS will take better care of you.  This is similar to giving an alcoholic a keg of beer every week and expecting him to stay sober.  Responsibility is not learned unless accountability is imposed.

You want criminal justice reform? Hold politicians and law enforcement officials accountable for criminal behavior; don’t just have them resign, make them do time! You want more reform? Enforce all the laws on the books indiscriminately, otherwise change them! When justice applies to everyone, you won’t see near the rebellion, rioting and civil unrest.

Why are they not addressing the most pressing problem in America today? The safety and security of the American people. Do you feel safer today than 5 years ago? Are your kids safer, inside or outside school? Do you feel safer in your home, at work, at church or in public? Do you feel safer now when traveling?

Is this government actually making us safer? Driving drunk is more prevalent when penalties are reduced. More are willing to murder when its 5-6 years in prison instead of life or death.  Letting people out of prison to reduce prison population enables criminals to commit more crime. 

I’m beginning to get the feeling that they want us to feel less safe, so we can will depend on them more.  An old Bush tactic.  What level of government dependence are you currently subject to?  Will you accept the blame for being responsible for these criminals' victims' behavior?  Should everyone be held accountable for their actions, black or white or dressed in blue?

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