Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's just too much information

The nightmare continues...

~ Of the 54 officers charged in fatal shootings over the last decade, few actually suffer any serious consequences when killing an unarmed person. Of the thousands of killings by officers, only 54 were charged, and most of those were due to special circumstances. Based on what I’ve seen lately, this could be a travesty of justice.

~ Did the governor of Illinois really think he actually ran that state? Sorry, the Unions have more control over the law there than you do. Your new law is meaningless, as is your open shop agenda! Welcome to the new America and Chicago politics!

 ~ Porking! The latest in hate crimes in Edmond Oklahoma. The FBI is investigating bacon being wrapped around the door knobs and left around the entrances of a Muslim Mosque. Islamic Society of Edmond representative considers this “an attack”.

This is the first bacon attack I’ve heard of. When I was a kid, the rednecks I hung around with would have gutted a pig on the doorstep and left it, not out of hate, but for fun, as a practical joke.  If it was done out of hate, they would have defiled the entire property.

~ The UN is holding an Inhuman Weapons Convention in Geneva. They will be addressing “killer robots”, which is a fully autonomous weapons system. They want to get ahead of the “Terminator” curve, where the decision to kill someone is not made by a human.

How can anyone stop countries from developing the perfect army? This is the future of war, like it or not. The money involved should be staggering and no one in the world has the power to shut down the Industrial Military Complex, which will find multiple buyers. I expect mass production once operational.

If you think an autonomous robot is a distant dream, then watch how they taught this one to sword fight.

~ Did you know your internet searches are being tracked and your queries and preferences sold to third parties? If you don’t believe it, Google “herpes” or “cold sores” and watch what happens online in the next few days and weeks. You will start seeing ads to sell you products that match your searches. You didn’t think those ads were just coincidence did you?

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Anonymous said...

It is a nightmare for those of us who were born and raised in a time when insured liberty and freedom were the stated goals of government. Surely, we've never quite attained those goals, but these days the government isn't even trying to convince us anymore. We live under tyranny and a large portion of the lunatic American public agrees with the activities of the police state. The Constitution has been effectively circumvented and the social contract between government and citizens has been broken. Our leaders are criminals selling favors to the highest bidder with little to no sense of duty. Taxation is oppressive and used to punish those who speak up against government injustice. The police have turned into a murderous mob themselves and justice? Well, if you can afford it, you can still buy it. Personally, I'd rather live in a tipi than under the jackboot of government authority.