Monday, April 13, 2015

I wish I was joking...

Hey Ayatollah, didn't you help enlist, train and groom him?  What did you expect?
I never dreamed the day would come that I would agree with the Ayatollah Khamenei, but it has occurred. He accuses the White House of “lying” and “deceptive” practices. Of course, historically, the Ayatollah has been well versed in lies and deception; pot calling kettle black here.

 ~ The problem with not executing terrorists for murdering the innocent is that when you get enough of them in prison, they will be able to recruit and plan future acts from a relatively safe and sheltered environment. This is already the case with several prison gangs.

Just because you perceive the death penalty as vengeance and not justice does not mean we are safe because the terrorist is serving life in prison. If protecting innocent people from future terrorist attacks is your goal, then America must arrange for them to meet Allah as soon as possible to receive the reward of martyrs. This administration currently favors the catch and release method.

  ~ Latest Dept of Justice checklist, compliments of Eric Holder:
OKAY - Running guns to Mexican drug lords
OKAY - Killing local police officers 
OKAY - Illegal aliens committing felonies
OKAY - Human trafficking across our borders
OKAY - Inciting racial violence and civil unrest
OKAY - Voter fraud/intimidation
OKAY - Hold Admin officials unaccountable
OKAY - Target and harass conservative groups
NEVER - Employees soliciting prostitutes
The biggest whores in Washington are telling their employees they cannot solicit prostitutes...this is quite the hypocrisy!  If it weren't for politicians, prostitutes in Washington would have to smoke generic crack, use Great Value cosmetics and protest for more overtime!

 ~ I was reading an email from the White House; specifically, Amanda Simpson, Exec Director of U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives, who admits to being “a transgender woman”. She states, “Everyone should be valued for their authentic, true self -- who they are -- regardless of the gender with which they identify, or who they love.”

She’s also helping sell a ban on Conversion Therapy.  How better to disable our military from the inside, running off many brave soldiers and leadership who won't put up with the dispensation.  Tolerant of everything except Christian beliefs and values. Does this sound familiar?  Take God and morality out of the military and you get murderers and thieves, similar to Congress.  This will also help recruit Jihadists to kill them.

The US Army used to sing, “Be, all that you can be.” Now, you can be whoever you want to be, identify with whatever sex you want to identify, because they are planning to ban any treatment that might help you accept who are or who you were born to beReasoning: No scientific proof to the contrary.  Makes perfect sense.

How about the detriment to society? The collapse of the American family and degeneration of civilization as evidence?  Insanity you say? These are consequences of the unwillingness to accept the things you cannot change.  No scientific proof but thousands of years of historical proof.

Decay: it can affect more than just your teeth… 

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