Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Unaccountable Congress

 ~ Corruption doesn’t end just because a Congressman leaves Congress. Although illegal, almost 1/4th of them have gone to work “in positions aimed at influencing government policy”. Does the Department of Justice allow injustice through selective enforcement? The answer is obvious.

America’s leadership setting the example for criminal behavior. They are selling out our country as fast as they can find a buyer. To hell with their oath of office, their campaign promises or their agreements. Liars and thieves held unaccountable because of their position. When Washington’s line of credit is not extended, all those dollars they’ve hoarded will be as worthless as they are.

~ The problem with a community organizer as POTUS is that all communities won’t do what he tells them. Thus is the case with Iran and Russia. Since he organized sanctions against both countries, Russia is now selling Iran missiles and trading them food for oil. This will allow them to continue killing their neighbors and anyone opposing them in the region, including US troops.

Yea, now that Russia’s lifted the ban of selling missiles to Iran, they can shift into high gear in aiding terrorist groups as well as defend their nuclear weapons bases. How many people will Iran kill in the Middle East before someone decides to stop them? You think Israel won’t be targeted?

~ The latest phenomenon in manipulating lawsuits, especially with gender issues, is to inspire indignation and create public sentiment, whether truthful or not. Public opinion has great power on the national level, influencing settlements and decisions before arguments are made. Sharpton and Jackson have shown the way.

~ In case you want the latest insanity, tree huggers are turning corpses into compost in their Urban Death Project. Makes perfect sense. They may rename it “Death by Plague” once it reaches the water supply; or maybe “Traveling Dead” when animals dig them up and drag them off.

~ Recently an unsatisfied wife hired a Welsh witch to cast a spell on her husband to revitalize their sex life. Yepper, they’re selling sorcery on Etsy now. I guess that’s easier than weight loss and exercise.

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