Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gypsies, tramps and thieves...

All you conservative Republicans need to remember that your congressional leadership is just as guilty of adding to the national debt as their liberal counterparts.

I suspect they’re buying votes with this spending bill as well as not giving the Democratic Presidential nominee ammunition to make them look bad to Medicare recipients. They even allowed a lot of extra pork spending in the bill as well, making sure the right people get paid.

~ I predict Hillary Clinton will come out and promote raising the minimum wage to over $10 an hour. This should get every working high school student in America out campaigning for her. She would become the new messiah. Small business, on the other hand, would suffer and your burger would go to $6+.

Now that the Dept of Justice has forbid employees to solicit prostitutes, I am wondering if that order would be extended to the First Husband?

~ Would you believe ISIS is operating a camp in Mexico, 8 miles from El Paso. Based on what I read, if this is true, we will see Texas start to light up like a package of Black Cats.

~ “the 30,558 criminal aliens ICE knowingly released back into the community in 2014 had amassed nearly 80,000 convictions, including 250 homicides, 186 kidnappings and 373 sexual assaults.” The safety of Americans doesn't look to be a priority based on this quote from the Washington Times?

Homeland Security, the latest departmental oxymoron.  Is it just me or are we seeing a pattern here? Change is progressing exponentially.

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