Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Whose side are you on?
Israel or Obama/Iran

What sane government would agree to let Iran develop its nuclear program? The United Nations discouraged it because it cannot verify their operations. 

North Korea slid it past the world and now they are warning us that a “preemptive strike” is on their list of choices to deter our tactics. Nuclear disarmament my arse! 

I have to believe that our government is doing everything in its power to scare the world into outright globalization. You know, the One World Alliance…


Anonymous said...

Indeed. This issue serves to expose the current US administration (yet again) for what they are.

How do those who profess to vote for the liberal party come to terms with this? Some Americans like to say there are no moderate Muslims. Much the same, there are apparently no longer any moderate Democrats. Instead, they are communists and sympathizers with America's enemies who hate America, American culture, and are afraid to publicly claim the moniker of socialist.

Practically marching in lockstep with these idiots are the Republicans, going along to get along and selling out their constituency. How long can this game play out?

Anonymous said...

This game will play out with Israel getting nuked followed by the USA shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

In that case, they'll have to kill us all.

On a related note, the bogus trial in Boston continues with the defense saying their boy was involved in the "fake" bombing. This was a CIA operation from the start. The FBI is also involved in the cover-up. Our corrupt nation is run by criminals at all levels.

The general population still only believes what they are told on the evening news.