Monday, March 2, 2015

Aiding and educating the enemy

I wonder if anyone is surprised that we are actually educating our enemies? I also wonder if anyone cares enough to stop it? 

Speaking of educating our enemies, the TSA sent out a bulletin on the possibility of a new threat in the air: thermite. Of course, the information was leaked and the MSM (Fox included) is broadcasting the news. If terrorists didn’t know about it before, they do now. 

And if you don’t think this administration is working towards allowing Iran to make nuclear weapons, you need to read this article

Remember, just 16 months ago, John Kerry assured America and the world we weren't going to make an agreement to let Iran enrich Uranium. 

No wonder Obama is blowing off Israel.  Would we allow a hostile neighbor to develop nukes?  I think not.  Why do we even have a Dept of Homeland Security?  

The Muslim World League at a recent meeting in Mecca disputed President Obama by stating that the terrorism "is religiously motivated".  Who do you believe?

"Because of his crime against Islam" terrorists "hacked to death" an atheist Bangladeshi-American blogger who spoke out against religious extremism. I wonder if fellow atheists will be outraged?

I just read where the White House is formulating a bill for consumer privacy that actually reduces our privacy and supersedes stronger state laws. 

Many of the programs, laws and entities developed by our government are given names that are actuality the exact opposite of their function, performance and end result: i.e. Affordable Health Care Act, United Nations, Homeland Security, Justice Dept., Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ect… 

I am at a complete loss at what to think about the 18 year old girl who allegedly “encouraged him [her friend] to commit suicide and guided him in his engagement of activities which led to his death”. Is it me, or do we have an unusually high number of young people who demonstrate sociopathic behavior?

I can only assume attorneys for Exxon are happy. They settled a $9 billion lawsuit with the state of New Jersey for $250 million. I wonder how much Exxon will give to Gov. Christie’s campaign since he was involved in the settlement negotiations? #RINO 

I also find myself smiling after reading where Marco Rubio said Hilary is “Yesterday”. That probably hurt more than the Madonna stage fall.


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Oh my, what a tangled web of deadly deceit:

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Oh my, what a tangled web of deadly deceit:

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Obama's "wedding" ring: