Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Illegal to collect rainwater
Water is not an inalienable right

Did you know that it’s illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado? It doesn’t matter if it fell on your roof or landed on your property, it’s not yours. Yea, it’s a state run by liberals!

Even greater tragedy has occurred with the death of 3 people, contributed to contaminated Blue Bell ice cream. I knew something that good had to be bad for us! I may just try to increase my immunity to Listeria by eating more Blue Bell, cause I ain’t quitting!

Cosmopolitan is taking a beating on Twitter after a post about the harmful effects of smoking on an unborn fetus and its reaction.  They deleted it due to a landslide of replies like 'Oh so a fetus is a "clump of cells" when it's unwanted but @Cosmopolitan says its a baby when someone is smoking while pregnant? Weird.'

You know you have a problem if they call the airplane you make “relatively safe”. Especially if your airplane is the Airbus A320.  Dying to fly, literally!

The fish we eat may have been caught by slaves. Yes, slave labor. So much for the FDA and government funded human rights groups…   Do #slaveslivesmatter in the world today?  No fallout, no concern!

Two days after the 4th blood moon, on Sept. 15, 2015, the Pope will address the UN and urge them to create a global economy for the redistribution of wealth so as to care for the poor. AKA – Sustainable Development Agenda or One World Alliance.

Does it look to you like the governments around the world are really about promoting humanitarian efforts and aid or giving up their wealth?

Yea, I know, it sounds alarmist, but I am not implying the end of the world or Revelation. You are welcome to correct me on the facts above or make your own evaluation of events.

I am of the opinion that God and man differ in that God actually cares what man thinks of Him whereas most in this pop culture could care less what others think of them. Actually, if I were God, I couldn’t guarantee my love for all mankind…

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