Tuesday, March 24, 2015

High ideals don't stop violence!

Find the panderer in the video… Constitution my arse...
Sharpton even justifies breaking some laws!
 Give em hell Joe! Thank you for not taking his $hit!

If you need an example of how liberal media prefer to incite race hostility, check out this panel on MSNBC who prefer (on video) that Starbucks write “white supremacy has been the organizing principle of America since it’s founding” on their cups.

I’m sure these are well educated people, but their parents forgot to teach them that blame does not provide a solution and resentment only leads to hostility. They may have already known this but just prefer the higher ratings when promoting hate.

The history I was taught explained the organizing principle of America was to escape the tyranny of an oppressive dictatorship and the Church of England, seek freedom of religion and provide a better life for themselves and their descendants.

Rewriting history again? Don’t think black people were the only ones that served as slaves. There were white groups sold into slavery.

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In other news, the Whitehouse on Monday wore me out with emails celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Obamacare. It calls the law “historic”…which is truthful since I believe the law to be unconstitutional on several levels. 

Even Joe Biden put his name on a heartwarming story. “Better With Obamacare” is the most ludicrous statement of the month!

I pray to God they figure out a way to actually make it AFFORDABLE! Based on these figures, how in the world can the average working family afford this? Then and extra $10k if someone gets sick. If you think this is affordable, you need to adopt a family and pay their premium!

I got a bit disturbed this evening watching an Oklahoma news clip where a guy went on a rant and demanded that the state issue him a personalized license plate that reads “LGBTALY”. This was not about equal rights, it was about privilege and partiality. #Libtard

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