Thursday, March 26, 2015

Brilliant as well as accurate

History has proven our media has made grave errors in its depiction of great world leaders.  Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938: Adolf Hitler.  History tends to prove us wrong most of the time.

Don’t tell me the FBI is falsifying figures of mass shootings due to political pressures. Numbers don’t lie, but our government officials make it a common practice.

ICE released over 30,000 illegal aliens but Congress still won’t pass the bill requiring the Federal government to disclose the criminal history of those released. Would some of you staunch Republicans tell me why leadership won’t get this passed?

Let me ask you a stupid question. If you were Israel, would you spy on the Nuclear talks between Iran and the USA? You damn right you would! Hell, the USA spies on everyone in the world, let’s not start casting stones!

If you were Israel, would you trust this administration to cut a deal with Iran? I think not...  Hell, they traded 5 Taliban commanders for 1 American now charged with desertion, what kind of deal was that? #incompetent

So the President crawfishes and decides not to get our troops out of Afghanistan as he promised. He justifies his action by using the Afghan President’s request to slow down our withdrawal. How about having enough courage to say this is what’s best for American interests in the region? #growapair

According to this article the federal government have amassed a small fleet of drones. Why am I not surprised to find that they are incompetent and ineffectual with their implementation.

The problem with imposing sanctions on countries like Russia, companies like General Motors lose hundreds of millions of dollars and close. Those jobs fed a lot of families. Mexico GM Plants seem unaffected…

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