Tuesday, February 10, 2015

As if you didn't know...

The Deity posted on a political test that a high schooler was required to take. I went to the site and took a similar test. I didn't answer every question because some questions had no answer I agreed with. These were the results. Feel free to take it yourself to see where you stand. I was not surprised.  
Personally, I think the test is very biased, especially after seeing a test titled, "Do You Drink Republican Kool Aid". And you still don't think our school system is conditioning our children?

Where are you on the political spectrum
Your Result: Libertarian
You believe in individual liberty and capitalism. You are fiscally conservative, socially liberal and likely to be a foreign policy isolationist. You just want to be left alone.

I was classified socially liberal because I was against abortion and for school prayer.  I was classified as a foreign policy isolationist because I'm pro-Israel and thought we should allow them to bomb Iran.  I was also against the US being involved in the war in the Middle East. 
My beliefs are subject to change with the introduction of new information: verifiable information...

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