Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Water, without it
there would be no coffee!

Homelessness, another example where jail time for unpaid court fines and fees can create a cycle of poverty. And we wonder why they want to burn the system down.

So you want to know how this administration is buying votes for the next election? By sending $150 million to liberal groups like the National Council of La Raza. The money was actually supposed to be given back to the victims of banking abuses. Now this is organized crime!

So ISIS hacked Newsweek’s Twitter feed and posted pro-ISIS messages. Their message became diluted with their threats against the first family. ISIS could not have found a more sympathetic administration and first family…

When this country goes completely to the dogs and every kind of sin and abomination become accepted lifestyles, I can see where conservatives could actually accept Sharia law if it helped curb the behavior. People who practice alternate lifestyles fear accountability from Christians, but they will be terrified of the punishment Muslims practicing Sharia will inflict.  Much blood will be spilt.

Who will be the secondary beneficiary from legalizing gay marriage in America? The law profession. Divorce can be very expensive…and for some attorneys, very lucrative.

Iceland is battling “climate change by injecting greenhouse gas  into the ground for permanent storage”.  Fracking with gas! Let the earthquakes commence!

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