Monday, February 9, 2015

The secret to justice in America...

A civil rights attorney is suing Ferguson MO over debtors prison. I hope they don’t stop there! I hope they go after every city and county in America who use the system against people unable to pay. I am against imprisoning anyone for inability to pay their fines and fees.

It has become a new standard in the justice system that cities and counties charge prisoners a daily rate for their jail time. They make them pay thousands in fines and fees or threaten to lock them back up. They have made it very difficult for many to gain and maintain employment and start over.  Our justice system screws the poor because people really don't care what happens to them.

Money buys an express aisle checkout in most cases. Ask someone with 5 DUI’s how they escaped a trip to prison.

Hell, international organized criminals and dirty white collar criminals have been buying property in New York with few problems, until the NY Times outed them. Isn’t it amazing how things change when you spend $5+ million on property. How to safeguard ill-gotten gain…buy's for sale.

Go try to rent a storage building and see what information they have to collect to appease the government’s security protocol.

When Hillary runs for President, who is she going to blame for the state of the nation, the war against terror and our foreign policy failures? I don’t think Bush will be an adequate scapegoat.

Please forgive me if I seem unsympathetic, but any Caucasian traveling south or east of Greece should know they are entering a danger zone. Those people profile their targets and skin color is on the checklist. If you go there and become a hostage or get killed, it could be considered natural selection.

And if black lives matter, we need to start asking the activists what they are doing personally to make a difference, other than protesting or social media? They should be made to prove it…you know, be accountable to defend their position. Starving African refugees are amassing in record numbers, I wonder how much those lives matter to them?

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TommyBoy said...

I agree but I don't think it's much of a secret. The American judicial system is a joke. It's not broke -- it's a steaming pile of corruption run by corrupt individuals, leftists, communists, and those who view equality as the main consideration in case after case. Morality and/or common sense rarely has anything to do with it. Our judicial system is another casualty of the lack of transparency and truth in American society.

To my lawyer friends who have invested so much time and money into their profession and associated business, I say, for the sake of your own soul, find something else to do.

Making money is not the point of our existence.