Friday, January 9, 2015

Terrorism no longer exists.
Liberals conquered it with one word.

The Democrats reached out to their Muslim constituents when Howard Dean refused to call the Paris attackers "Muslim terrorists" but referred to them as members of a cult. Not only are the Dems successfully procuring Muslim votes, but they are sure to receive substantial overseas campaign contributions, undocumented of course.

EDIT: What a difference one day can make. The correct term is no longer "terrorists" or "cultists", but they are to be know as “activists”. With this in mind, the USA needs to end occupation of countries involved in political or religious “activism”, since we should recognize their rights and be sympathetic to their plight.

Jan. 7, 2015 I wrote, “I suspect the radical left will sympathize with him [Boston Marathon bombing suspect], redirect blame and organize support for the suspect.” My suspicion has now been validated.

I also predict that the individuals involved in current and future race riots violent protests in America will now be know as “activists” as well. If anyone chooses to disagree or fight them, they will be deemed “racist” and subject to Justice Dept investigation.

DHS Arrested 1,191 Illegals in 2014 From Countries With Terrorism Problems CNS News I’m glad for DHS, but I wonder how many slipped through.

If customs and border patrol catch only a small percentage of illegal aliens undocumented immigrants coming into the country, then the numbers must be staggering since they apprehended 486,651 in 2014.

Juli├ín Castro,
 Secretary Department of Housing and Urban Development sent me an email from the Whitehouse telling me how proud he was that the President has reduced home mortgage insurance premiums and how it will help 250,000 American families buy homes. What he didn’t mention is how the Administration eased banking regulations imposed after the last housing bubble. More bubbles to come, but under a different administration, like last time, which was brought to us by the Bill Clinton School of Home Finance.

Free Community College, $60 billion, 10 years. All this free stuff the President is giving away, reminds me who’s actually paying his bills. If he gives it away, shouldn’t he pay for it? Taking and spending other peoples money is theft, unless you’re with the government.

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Anonymous said...

Them liberal progressives are plenty smart, all right. Win the war by refusing to fight and then declaring victory. Headline reads: War Is Over! Everybody Gets A Cell Phone!