Thursday, January 8, 2015

Life, it's not for
the faint of heart...

As I listen to the President condemn the terrorist actions in France, I cant’ help but wonder how many innocent people will die at the hands of the terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay.

He made a great speech when addressing the UN General Assembly in 2012, but all anyone heard was, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

I suspect the world will eventually get tired of the USA wiping its ass on them with economic sanctions, bubbles and policies that continue to endanger détente. Power is imposing but temporary; karma, it's an eternal bitch.

"I stand before you as a heartbroken and humbled man." Bob McDonnell, former governor of Virginia, who just got 2 years in prison for corruption.

Did he not receive the Parasitic Pillaging Political Playbook after taking office? I thought everyone knew that there must be at least 2 degrees of separation between corruptor and corruptee in order to invoke plausible deniability.

It takes strong character, influential associates or great PR to overcome public disgrace. Ask Hilary Clinton. Some people live with it better than others. And then there’s always denial.

A federal judge has ruled as unconstitutional Texas laws regulating businesses that teach African hair braiding. AP via CBS

I am all about less government regulation, especially those agencies that believe they have the authority to micromanage any business they choose, under the guise of protecting the public. Texas is not the only state guilty of bureaucratic over-enforcement.

The CDC published a report that 6 Americans die each day from alcohol poisoning. That’s over 2,200 people a year. You think gun advocates are passionate? Try to outlaw alcohol and watch every city in America get burnt to the ground.

Speaking of bureaucratic hyperbole, now that the GOP has majority in Congress, I expect a stampede of bills being sponsored by Republicans. Even though we may like the new proposed laws, don’t think for a minute this government can pass anything other than gas or idealistic rhetoric. Superficial, excessive spending bills being the exception.

The most powerful and influential devise on the planet as of 2015: the Smartphone. It has changed the world, for better and worse. It’s filled with powerful tools and information, but also capable of destroying lives and relationships through isolation, distraction and dysfunctional interactions. Hide and watch…

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TommyBoy said...

"...isolation, distraction and dysfunctional interactions." sounds like any given day in my household.

Hey and thanks for all the astute social observations. If it weren't for other blogs, I might think I was the only one out here.