Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nine out of ten voices in my head
say I'm normal...

This video of a Kenyan activist bursts the bubbles of American student volunteers with the following: “Why do you want to help us? Help your own country.”

I guess there are other people who think like I do. If we aren’t willing to help people in our own back yard, then helping people in foreign countries is quite hypocritical. Especially since our circle of influence and access to resources are here at home.

If we’re unwilling to take action to help our less fortunate neighbors and neighborhood, the chances of helping others on a long distance mission trip is probably motivated by a false perception and self deception. Although the experiences could be valuable learning experiences.

Talk about a small town politician’s threat against the hometown paper going viral!!! And of all places, Yankeeland… This guy is becoming edumakated. Follow the links and Twitter, but first you can start at NPR.

The controversy surrounding the vote on Boehner for Speaker was a carefully orchestrated performance, brilliant actually. Every single politician in Congress knows that if he alienates his base and contributors, the job ends next term. Never more evident than with the far right’s intolerance of moderate to liberal leadership and their long memory.

In today’s political climate, the GOP doesn’t care as much about solidarity as they care about the number of seats they occupy in Congress and the upcoming Presidential election. They have a lot of different factions to appease to obtain that office, which is exactly what they will do, regardless of the fallout.

Liberal constituents don’t think twice about vice and corruption. Conservatives, on the other hand, do not tolerate unethical behavior or liberal fiscal policies. Just ask the Clintons, Bob McDonnell, Jimmy Swaggart or Jim & Tammy Faye Baker for that matter.

Speaking of forgiveness, or the lack thereof, the MSM is posting childlike photos of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. Reminds me of one of those shamed pet pic/videos. Headlines at Democracy Now are “Justice or Vengence” in an interview with ACLU. I suspect the radical left will sympathize with him, redirect blame and organize support for the suspect.

Sadly, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a national hero in several Middle Eastern countries. If found guilty, I would personally prefer punishment under Sharia law, since its the religion he acted on. I wonder if Al Jazeera would televise his hanging? Pay per view would make bookoos!

Jeb Bush has created his Presidential campaign finance organization, laid out his politics and disclosed it all on a very warm and congenial Facebook page. He might just make it if America continues to ride the brand…and he continues to personally interpret all his speeches to Spanish.

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