Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I love pets
they are delicious!

The New York Times reported that Harvard professors are outraged in the changes to their healthcare costs, which Harvard experts championed in the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Karma is absolutely the greatest law in the universe. Thank you God!

I have a new hero and she’s a former mainstream media news reporter.  “Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has sued the Justice Department over the hacking of her computers, officially accusing the Obama administration of illegal surveillance while she was reporting on administration scandals.” Fox News

Sadly, the Patriot Act has given the executive branch of government the power to circumvent normal laws and procedures whether constitutional or not. It’s the “get out of jail free card", which is even more powerful than the "race card".

This is how you hook readers with just one sentence, “Two months after the funeral, Jesse Shipley's high school class saw his brain in a labeled jar during a field trip to the morgue.” Just a small $600,000 mistake. Yahoo News

The National Fraternal Order of Police is asking that crimes against police be considered “hate crimes”. Personally, I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request. Yahoo News

While reading an article about the latest world record for a compact particle accelerator, I noticed the following remarks touted by the Berkley Lab. I found it rather narcissistic, which is probably a good fund raising technique.
“Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory addresses the world’s most urgent scientific challenges by advancing sustainable energy, protecting human health, creating new materials, and revealing the origin and fate of the universe.”
Forgive me if I don’t immediately bow down and worship. Some of the things they’re working on could actually be used to decide the fate of the world, most notably, its destruction…

There is an upside to the current world economy. The U.S. Dollar is way up. One can travel to central and eastern Europe and save around 15% presently, and possibly more by summer. Even England’s pound is down and travel expenses are cheaper for dollars. Don’t count on a cheaper airfare though, unless your flying Malaysian Airlines…you couldn’t pay me to board their plane.

My first prediction of the year: Within 90 days, terrorist activity or acts of war in the Middle East will cause the price of oil to jump. Thus proving war/terrorism is still about the money!

And this year's best winter poem is short and sweet…

Shit it’s cold!

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