Monday, January 12, 2015

Medicaid now funding
transgender surgery in Oregon
God _____ America!

"Oregon began covering the cost of reassignment surgery for transgender people on Medicaid in January." NPR It is now our government, not God or even the people, who decide what's best for mankind and you will pay the bills to prove it, no matter what your religious beliefs or ethic values. Your tax dollars improving lives of the poor.

Here's the crazy part. Illegals can move here, show they're poor, qualify for Medicaid, which would qualify them for the surgery in Oregon. People will be coming from all over the world for free surgeries. This plan is insane.

“Last time I checked, we're at war… I wouldn't send my attorney general if I were president to deal with radical Islamic terrorists ... It’s a global war.” Sen. Lindsey Graham on President Obama sending Eric Holder to Paris talks.

Senator Graham has a valid point. Why send your lead attorney to Paris for terror talks unless you want to suggest to the world that you consider terrorism a crime and not an act of war?

From personal experience, Eric Holder can educate other nations on how white people at the Paris newspaper incited this violence and how to start an investigation into the paper’s subversive activities that created this activism. He can show them how to legally ban criticism of Islam by creating a productive partnership with media and government through costly litigation, intimidation and punishment; unaggressive acts of terrorism activism.

I was unaware that France has over 700 “No Go” zones that are off limits to non-Muslims, “…where the government has all but surrendered authority to the Muslim community.” Fox News What goes on there is not good…

I would sure like to see video of the “No Go” areas following the Paris attacks. I’m curious to know if they celebrated publically in the streets once the news coverage went viral. I suspect they did…

Now that these terrorist attacks acts of activism have become more frequent in the west, I hope we can be more empathetic toward countries like Israel who have to live with these activities almost daily. Man, what a life…

Can you imagine living in a country the size of New Jersey and getting bombed or attacked weekly? All your neighbors want to kill you and all your countrymen? I don’t know why they haven’t just annihilated them?

MI5 Says Al Qaeda In Syria Is Planning More Attacks Against The West Fox News Insider Ya think? Based on what we have experienced in the last year, this should be obvious. Another bureaucratic panic factory.

Not to be outdone, the US State Dept has issued a warning to US citizens traveling abroad about increased violence and kidnapping. Presently, when traveling abroad, I recommend no facial hair and dressing in an unkosher manner. Is that racist or reality?

I received another email from the Whitehouse, specifically from Arne Duncan, Secretary of the Dept of Education asking me to help our next generation of student and support the President’s plan to award “any student who earns good grades…two years of community college education at no cost”. NO COST! “

I would be glad to support it if there was no cost, but alas, it’s just another lie. $60 billion is the cost, to the taxpayers, who are still having trouble affording the new healthcare tax increase. I guess it's time to send another donation to the Tea Party movement. I don't see anyone else standing up and fighting against these government spending programs? That makes me racist, right?

I just heard that Presidential candidate Jeb Bush hopes to collect $100 million in campaign contributions by March. I know there’s a lot of money in being President, but I don’t know how much of it will be left by the time he were to take office. What's the cost of a successful Presidential campaign these days? $1 billion?

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