Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic

CNN broadcasts the Paris attackers are “activists”. They also broadcast Sarah Palin is an “extremist”. Do you see a failure in communication?

Based on the new liberal definition of “activist”, they can now rewrite history and rename the following leaders as activists: Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Leopold II, Pol Pot, Ante Pavelic, Mao Ze Dong, Augusto Pinochet, 9/11 killers, ect…

If enough journalists get “activated” by acts of “activism”, will the terminology change back to “murder” and “terrorism”. I believe it will be the guys signing their paychecks who will make that decision.

Oppose liberal ideology or the current administration, you are a racist. Kill 4 Jews in the name of Islam in Paris, you’re an activist.

What’s the difference between “hostage-takers” and “terrorists”? Sympathy.

For future reference, activists using nonviolent action will be know as lobbyist interns or journalists.

Those who kill terrorists activists will now be know as “reactionaries”. Stolen, in part, from the RealJamesWood

Odd they consider it a bombing at the NAACP building in Colorado Springs but workplace violence at Fort Hood.

Odd that the ones telling us Islam is a religion of peace are the same ones telling us Michael Brown had his hands up. Stolen from Patrick Dollard.

Odd how liberals will rage over a Twitter post but excuse, sympathize or justify murder, rape and terrorism.

And if you are wondering why President O’bama wasn’t in Paris with other world leaders, it’s because he’s a community organizer.

And then there's the rumor that the French government asked him not to participate in the parade because they were afraid that thousands of his fans from the NO GO zones would attend and get all the media attention.

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Anonymous said...

Obama wasn't in the picture because he was watching the playoffs with Reggie Love and Beyonce and Ice Kreem.