Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pop term of the day: elbow tag

elbow tag

When in a theater with shared armrests, the act of carefully adjusting one's posture so that your arm touches the arm of the person next to you, but not so much that they move their arm away.

Jenna was pretty sure Mark still believed in cooties, so she got all giddy during their Ice Age 3 date when she "won" a game of elbow tag.

Land of the Lost was so painful, I had to amuse myself by playing elbow tag with the stranger on my left.

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Anonymous said...

My option...of renting videos. It's nice in that I can have my own chair and even pause the thing for a pee or snack break and some young neanderthal doesn't come along and tell me. "Lady this is the last time I'm going to tell you to get your feet down". He was all of 16 if a day. I should have given him a little ear tug and let him know who was boss.

Old legs like mine love an ottoman and I hate to share my they even let one take a pillow in to the cinama these days? I so loved drive-in movies. Back in the day I could eat all the buttered popcorn I wanted.

I got so sick after going to see "The Ten Commandments" at a drive-in theatre in Bozeman, Montana on August 10th 1966...It was an exceptionally long movie (I loved it) but I pigged out on pop and popcorn and cold pizza and who knows what else. I swear all the heaving brought my labor on and I was giving birth the next morning. Poor nurse that had to clean me up.

I never ate like that again and I never forgot that movie. Funny I didn't name my boy Moses. LMAO