Sunday, July 19, 2009

I never thought this day would ever come.

For the first time in my life, I bought a foreign-made car. I have always been loyal to buy American vehicles; but I choose not to be remorseful over my purchase. I didn't pick it out and doubt I will ever drive it, but someone's happy and loves it.

I call it the 0bamazda. I would have remained loyal to the American worker if it weren't for their corrupt Union and the current administration. Our president's path of tax and spend will create more unemployment and Unions are supporting him as they lay off their workers. Nothing like a few key government contracts to make the group some very serious coin.

I remember when Unions were considered organized crime... now they're vested in the US government.

As of now, I am still allowed to choose where I spend the money I earn. I figure if I'm gonna have less cash after government interference and unionization in health care, energy, insurance, banking and the auto industry, I can do my small part not to support them. Oh, I forgot... it is our tax dollars they are spending; I already help support them. Dang!


jolie-jordan said...

Hell...all the parts are from other countries anyhow...even if we call them American made. Half of the work is done in other countries so the American owners can hire cheap labor and get cheap parts. Very little made in America with American products anymore. Even if Mom makes an apple pie in her own kitchen the apples probably come from New Zealand or some other country.

Good luck finding real Americana unless you donate to the poor on the streets. They are American.

This is not your Dad's world anymore. My Dad's either. They fought hard for Unions only to watch them become corrupt. My dead old dad...both of them would drop over dead if they were not already in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother..just did the same..was tired of having my shit in the shop everyday..but my Truck...sticking w/ Ford...