Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Interest

Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota is pushing for the safe return of Somali terrorists to Minnesota.

Stimulus funds at work… $1.1 million for 2 pound frozen sliced ham! That’s some pretty expensive pork!!!

0bama unable to fire a government employee? Because he broke his own law by doing it or because the employee was doing his job? Proving his vast presidential powers!

Team 0bama not only intends to bankrupt American and send all manufacturing overseas via the Cap-&-Tax legislation...
They also want America to pay for China's emissions. More money for China, they so desperately need it!

Alamo caretakers lack business sense and are standing in the way of innovations because they don’t charge admission or take tax dollars… some groups just don’t want that kind of change!

Ron Paul calls me a ”Country Club type of Republican” because I support Sarah Palin? It’s odd I’m not a member of a country club and he is…


Anonymous said...

China loans us money to pay for health care for illegals, back door deals to unions, bail-outs to banks, so if China wants us to pay for their carbon footprints, how do we say NO!

Where did all the fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party when they are needed?

Our ONLY chance is to contact moderates in the Senate and Blue Dogs in the House to stop the back door deals that are merely payoffs for electing Obama to office!

Complaining and blogging won't do a thing but raise our blood pressure. Action is what will make a difference. Hearing from the people changes votes.

Arkie said...

I hope you're correct about "Hearing from the people changes votes". I'm suspecting that with the great pressure Dems have to tow the party line, they easily rationalize that they, in their wisdom, must vote in our best interest, whether we favor it or not. Not to worry, I'm hanging in their and have emailed and called my Congressional delegation!