Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The great feeding frenzy

  ~ It seems the day of credible journalism in America is over. Retribution on the POTUS for calling their content biased and fake has gone full throttle. It has become an all-out pissing contest. Appealing to selected audiences using drama and hate to try to improve ratings or accomplish an agenda is the new norm. How very, very sad…

It seems that the only thing worse for far left liberals than a Trump presidency, is a successful Trump presidency. What patriotic American would not want our POTUS to succeed?

  ~ The left and many moderates are up in arms about the controversial NRA ad, saying it promotes violence against political protesters. I think it’s telling Americans it’s time to consider the option of protecting your property against political protesters turned terrorists. If the police won’t stop them, who will?

  ~ I watched the documentary “Newman” about inventor Joseph Newman the other night. The man may have been a genius who could have changed the world…except…no one would invest $100 million in his invention because he wanted to micro manage it. Sad ending…but told the whole story.

  ~ The saddest part of ISIS taking over cities in the Middle East: what’s left of people’s homes after all the fighting and bombing necessary to run them out. Families start over from the ground up…literally.

  ~ Who in their right mind would invest a billion dollars in an Iranian gas field? If you guessed French, you guessed right!

  ~ Here’s a good question. What happens if you’re on a cruise ship in international waters and you get raped by a crew member?


Anonymous said...

How do we define "successful presidency"? If we're talking about the agenda this president has laid out, then no, I don't want him to be successful. I want him removed before he implements said agenda.

Anonymous said...

So you don't want him to bring jobs back to America, secure our borders, stop paying our enemies, defeat ISIS, enforce our laws, replace Obamacare or cut taxes. Makes perfect sense.

TommyBoy said...

"Nonsense makes sense." -- Charles Manson

The Donald said...

It's a head-scratcher why the left's got its panties in a bunch over the NRA ad. Nothing controversial there, IMO. The spox-chick simply says we will use truth to overcome the left's lies, which we will. I didn't hear a single word about NRA-incited mobs going on rampages, destroying cities and neighborhoods.

But we damn sure will defend what is ours, what is true, and what is American. That's not a threat, it's a fact.

TommyBoy said...

As for your last point, if I am raped by a crew member in international waters, my reaction would be a sore bottom and humiliation. My question is, did he take me out for dinner first?