Monday, January 9, 2017

Shame on conservatives, free enterprise
and rule of law!

 ~ Since the election, President Obama has enacted 145 “Midnight Regulations” at a cost of $21 billion to our economy. Please remind me how great he is and how he’s helping small business succeed. He has enacted more rules and regulations than any President on record. This is how you slow down the new administration.

Whether you agree with these actions or not, this is, by definition, subversion. History will prove his administration an American tragedy. If you look at their record, many Republicans and Democrats alike support his actions, although they may publically condemn them.

  ~ Can you imagine living with Michelle Obama after she leaves the White House? After living with a plethora of assistants and servants, the adjustment to having fewer people follow your instructions and a new do-it-yourself lifestyle will probably not be easy, especially when her kids move out.

  ~ I have flown and checked in a gun before and it was not that big of a deal. I don’t know if I agree that you should be able carry both a gun and ammunition for it as the same time. I’m sure this will change, since most aviation laws are written due to bloodshed.

  ~ Politicians sure don’t like getting hacked. Of course, they condone hacking others in the interest of National Security or any other interests that line up with their own agenda. America spending a fortune spying on others, and even condones being spied on, but if the information becomes public, they are outraged.

Sharing secrets happen all the time, but when someone exposes them to the public, the broadcaster becomes the target of attack, not the criminal behavior they revealed. How hypocritical.

  ~ After watching Mexican Americans protest immigration reform in America, I found myself smiling when I watched the protests in Mexico after they raised gasoline prices 20%. Sorry, but you don’t live in a country that supports evil free enterprise. The voice of the people aren’t heard as loudly there by the politicians either.

  ~ Will Hillary run for New York Mayor? There are several inquiring minds…

  ~ Here’s a story that won’t make the main stream media: “Christians are the Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World”. 90,000 were killed in 2016 for their beliefs, but many prefer to save the seals.

Are liberals more concerned with the rights of criminals than victims' rights?  It seems so... Do you think it's because there are more criminals who are liberals?


Anonymous said...

Obama's plan is the same whether he is in or out of office -- the "transformation" of America into a socialist ghetto where poverty is distributed by the state.

Anonymous said...

Pray for the safety of Donald Trump. The Democrats will try to assassinate him.

Democrats have apparently lost their collective minds.

Anonymous said...

The goal of the Democrats appears to be full-on revolution at this point. Obama's scheme was to fragment and cause division -- he was successful.

Oh well, if we're going to have a police state I would much prefer a police state on the right rather than the left. Lefties are crazy. Seriously.

Every lefty in this country will end up with a target on his back and it will be a GOOD thing!

Anonymous said...

The guy who runs the Liberally Lean blog is dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have lost their minds and destroyed the US. These people are traitors to their country. A purge is needed; strike that -- a purge is required for the health and safety of the country.

Arrest 'em, try 'em, execute 'em.