Monday, December 5, 2016

The art of creating fear and division...

I’ve been unusually quit the last few weeks since the holidays have kept me busy. I am amazed how many people are demonizing Trump and his actions. I have been comparing the news coverage on Fox and MSNBC, but am appalled at the hypocrisy.
Sharpton calling Trump’s job saving phone call a publicity stunt and praised Obama’s auto bailout deal. Hey big Al, Trump won, he doesn’t need the publicity. It looks like he’s keeping one of his main campaign promises, saving and bringing back American jobs.
Or Sharpton criticizing Trump for placing successful and wealthy people in his cabinet and other political positions because of the “profit motive”.  Very telling.  They don’t want successful people in those positions because they might solve problems that they don’t want solved. Wealthy people aren’t as money motivated as our very own Congress since they already have made their fortunes. And fortunes are being made through politics, ask Al Gore.
Or Washington politicians’ demonizing Trump for taking a congratulatory phone call from the president of Taiwan. Quite the hypocrisy, since they promote freedom in that country, especially from communist China. Keep in mind those same politicians back Cuba, Saudi Arabia and other communist regimes.
Or the condemnation of stringent vetting of immigration in the USA. Our own CIA director stated that terrorist organizations are using our current immigration system to infiltrate the USA. ISIS even told their supporters to use it. Where’s the outrage about this administration allowing over 2,000 immigrants into this country that Australia just denied on political grounds?
Or Democrats blaming Russia, Wikileaks, Fox News, FBI Director James Comey and several others for Hillary’s defeat for the POTUS. She called millions of Trump supporters “deplorable”. Her political, diplomatic, economic, financial, social, and Homeland Security records are what’s deplorable; yet they are supported by her establishment.
Other news reports I found interesting over the last few weeks include:

A Fort Myers gun dealer gave a gun to the bystander who and killed a man who attacked and was beating a police deputy. If I lived there I wouldn’t buy a gun from anyone else!

I took a prescription to CVS that my insurance didn’t cover. The prescription was $400 for a 6 week supply. I got online, priced a Canadian company, found a coupon online and got a 20 week supply for $298.  Is this unpatriotic or free enterprise?

The 550 foot windowless, concrete AT&T building in Manhattan has been identified as a NSA listening post. Does this surprise you?

Why isn’t the media all over Obama for his selections for the Presidential Medal of Honor? Or about his recent pardons for 79 drug offenders? Or the more than 1,000 criminals that he has commuted their sentence? Is the question "why" reasonable? 

Okay, I'm putting my soapbox in the closest and going back to work, enjoy your week and the holidays!

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Anonymous said...

I have decided to declare my little home on the prairie as my personal listening post. I listen to various news outlets, I read other bloggers, I stream NFL and MMA, and I make judgments upon my government and the many idiots who deem to express their opinions in public forums.

I read the news and readily identify the lies and propaganda that are daily foisted upon the American public. How can anyone make rational decisions about their lives when the media constantly rolls out a bogus narrative? Boston Bombing? Sandy Hook? San Bernadino? You really believe all that crap?

Resist Globalism. Resist tyranny. Consider a new Constitutional Convention in order to ensure the stability of the Republic.

If a political party is caught committing high crimes, what should be the practical consequences? Should there be any consequences at all?

If the law is not applied fairly to everyone then the law doesn't work anymore. Just because you've got a badge or call yourself "homey" or work for the DNC doesn't mean you can get away with murder. Or maybe it does. What do I know?