Friday, August 26, 2016

You just think you're free...

  ~ That was one devastating earthquake in Italy. My heart goes out to them. They need to stop letting oil companies frack.

  ~ They hacked Leslie Jones personal website and got away with nude photos of her. Who in their right mind would want to see her naked? Fugly comes to mind.

  ~ Here’s a good one. Now that Americans believe health insurance should be a right, a group has filed a lawsuit seeking to make education a constitutional right. Sorry boys and girls, education is an opportunity in America. Sadly, many are just too lazy to take advantage of it. And what’s its value if you don’t have to work for it?

 ~ Ole Bernie is at it again, creating a new group “Our Revolution” to fight economic inequality and special interests. The Hypocrisy: “Our Revolution” is actually a special interest group. And another: education and hard work are the answer to economic inequality, not giving away free stuff. Lastly, capitalism has proven to defeat poverty, socialist governments have more control over the impoverished.

  ~ Bankers look to be terrified of Trump. Citigroup claims that he could cause a global recession if elected POTUS. That should be enough to get the Occupy Wall Street vote, but they’re not smart enough to understand what’s going on.

If we create a global recession by bringing back businesses and jobs to America instead of exporting them, I say great. Government created this monster and it needs to be destroyed.

On the other hand, Trump calling the Hillary a bigot may be the pot calling the kettle black. The kettle may be black, but it takes one to know one.

  ~ I accept the fact that many politicians are crooks, but I resent it when their greed hurts our country and the people. They should be good enough crooks to use their skills to help America, take advantage of someone elsewhere.

  ~ Isn’t it a great hypocrisy that the government rewards and encourages corporate whistleblowers but destroys those who expose government corruption?

  ~ After reading an article in the New York Times where they question whether Saudi Arabia is fueling and/or funding terrorism, wouldn’t it be something if it were true? After sending them billions and providing military protection, we would kinda be a sponsor to it…

Would you do business with terrorists if it paid enough?

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