Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mind your own business,
unless you come with gifts...

 ~ How much control should the government have in dictating how to live. In France, gubment officials are condemning and banning the burkini. Is there any difference between the government dictating what we wear to the beach versus following our religious beliefs? Hypocrisy at its finest.

 ~ Insurance companies are backing away from Obamacare mandates. What do you think the government do to keep the program going? I predict they will allow less stringent coverage and our premiums will eventually be doubled from what we were paying before AHCA was implemented.

~ It appears that the US National Security Agency has been hacked. Can you imagine what a foreign government would pay for information like that? The right information would be worth tens of billions!

I wish there was a class on computer coding and hacking when I was in school. One good hack and you can retire to a sympathetic country and live like a king. Of course, there is a good chance there would be a bounty for your death.

 ~ The UN has admitted they had a role in the cholera outbreak in Haiti. This is another byproduct of UN involvement and its inability to be an ineffective force. Cholera, by the way, is a horrible way to die!

I predict the UN solution is to ask for more money to throw at the problem, more ineffective programs. Most of the funds will be stolen, hence another infected bandaide for suffering Haitians.

 ~ If you think government prosecutors don’t break the law, abuse power and lie about it, you may want to read this article about a rising star Attorney General who fell from grace. How much jail time do you think she will see?

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