Monday, June 6, 2016

Just when I thought I was out...

~ Busy week last week and wasn’t able to post much. This week looks about the same. The worst thing about my job is that it requires work. Go figure.

~ Only 38,000 jobs added to workforce last month. This is not a good sign!

~ I find it perplexing that some of the best, most secure jobs in this country are with our government. That says a lot about the state of business in America…

~ I heard a Bridgeport couple were arrested for serving alcohol at a high school graduation party. Apparently, a new and popular neighbor turned them in. I also understood he told them before he did it.

~ There is a possibility of an armed uprising against the federal government in Utah if the POTUS designates 2 million acres in Utah a national monument. The fed already owns 65% of the land in the state.

~ The administration at Plano High School did not allow graduating seniors in the National Honor Society to wear their tradition shiny gold tassels because the it was not inclusive to all sturdents. They didn’t want to single anyone out. So much for rewarding hard work and achievement in excellence.

~ Interesting article in the NY Times where journalists chronicled a weekend of violence in Chicago. This is not the place to get lost.

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