Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Short week, less work...

 ~ Dallas police officers are leaving in droves, 40 in May alone! They say it’s because of low morale, the chief says it’s about money, who do you believe? One officer stated, "I'm going to go to a city that respects officers… I'm going to a city that will appreciate my skill set."

  ~ If you think Saudi Arabia is our friend, or a friend to the world, you might want to read how they have spent millions promoting the radical Islam that was responsible for 9/11 and the enemies we are currently fighting.

~ Currently, you may wish not to include Venezuela as a travel destination anytime soon. The country is going off the grid. I expect bankers to swoop in after a coup and buy the country and its resources for pennies on the dollar.

  ~ If you think conservatives are the only group wanting Hilary to face the music for her many scandals, you would be mistaken. Almost half of Democrats, Bernie supporters, want her taken down. The MSM talks about the division within the GOP, but seldom report how divided the Democratic Party has become.

  ~ I listened to the POTUS speech at a graduation commencement inferring that our problems can’t be solved by building a bigger wall, nor will it enhance our security. If that’s true, why are they planning to build a bigger wall around the White House? I call bullshit!

  ~ If you’re a veteran and want to use the VA hospital, you might be out of luck. They have declared thousands of living veterans dead…and they don’t treat dead people.

  ~ A new verb is on the horizon. The verb is “Clinton”. Have you been Clintoned lately? The definition: to be unapologetically lied to…

  ~ If diving the Great Barrier Reef is on your bucket list, you may want to push it forward on your timeline. A third of it is dying or dead . I have always wanted to dive there, so I may just schedule a trip soon.

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