Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Biness as usual

  ~ Things are getting very entertaining in Kansas, where the governor and lawmakers have pretty much gone to war with the state supreme court over its rulings. This is democracy at its finest. The majority rules, even the court system.

 ~ Our government has now subsidized low-income households to connect to the internet. We continue to borrow money so we can give it away, to corporations, again under the pretense of  'helping the poor'. Our tax dollars at work, keeping the poor where they can’t afford to get a job. Doing without is not the American way of life.

I guess they’ve covered all the necessities… food through SNAP and local food banks, housing through HUD, disability through Medicaid, healthcare through AHCA and Medicaid, retirement through Social Security, cell phones through Lifeline, which now includes high speed internet.

 ~ Slowly but surely, Gitmo detainees are being transferred to other countries as was a goal of the current administration. Yes, our government wants to keep us safe. I guess letting them go back and join their war is what they want. Death by drone is probably cheaper in the long run. 

 ~ Politicians in Tennessee are not happy about their state university’s promotion of Sex Week at the campus, which includes “all sorts of debauchery ranging from lessons on male sexual fluidity to a lecture on “butt stuff” from an amateur porn star.

Based on my opinion of lawmakers, their anger probably stems from not receiving an invitation to participate.

  ~ United Nations peacekeeping forces accused of “Sickening Sex Abuse”? Who would have thought it? Since 2013? Once again moving at light speed. I guess they’ve been waiting for $10-20 million in U.S. funding for the investigation.

~ I wonder how many innocent people have to die before we make our government enforce existing immigration laws? This illegal just made the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List after ICE didn’t pick him up on a vehicular homicide charge. Once again, our government proves it cannot protect us.

~ Am I alone in finding it odd that the mainstream media tends to support and promote activists on the left, like Black Lives Matter and the Occupy Wallstreet movement, but right-wing activism is condemned and they try to use misinformation to suppress or change their message, like the Trump movement. It looks like freedom of speech only applies to the liberal agenda.

  ~ I am absolutely dumbfounded how the Fed just trumped states rights to control abortion by freeing up the use of the abortion pill. I wonder how much tax revenue will be saved using this method instead of Planned Parenthood procedures.
Two things that come to mind:
1. America sheds innocent blood via abortion.
2. Silence is consent.

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