Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There is no murder in Paradise

  ~ Do you find it odd that the media is just now uncovering the outbreak of Legionnaires disease in Flint, MI from back in 2014. The bacteria that causes it can multiply in water systems. If a private company was responsible for this, they would be charged for criminal activity, probably even conspiracy.

87 sick, 9 dead. This is the equivalent of the Boston Marathon bombing. Where was the CDC at the time? Where were the public warnings and precautionary actions? If you trust the government to protect you and your family, you may suffer from insanity.

  ~ J. P. Morgan just sat aside half a billion to cover loans to oil and gas companies, and this is just for the first 3 months of 2016. Bankers will foreclose, package the assets and debt, and sell them, mainly to foreign investors. You know, redistribution of wealth…

  ~ Have you noticed that none of the candidates for POTUS are offering solid solutions to the $14 trillion national debt? I can only surmise that the solution is just too expensive and would be extremely unpopular, especially since most Americans vote their bank accounts.

  ~ How is this great American culture change promoting diversity working out for you? It seems about 2% want to either kill white people, overthrow the country, or repeal the constitution...but that’s just my opinion. The adrenalin produced by anger and hate feels good at first, but suffering always ensues.

  ~ San Francisco, the American capital of liberalism, has just given the homeless 72 hours to get out. Where are all the activists who want to help the poor?

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