Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mental illness is kicking in!

 ~ “If you don’t get a phone call tomorrow, consider yourself no longer employed.” I was told this is how Devon terminated some of its employees last week, several with 2 or 3 decades of service.

EDIT 2/29/16: I received this email - "You are wrong in your assessment of Devon dismissals. I work there."  For the record, I did not assess Devon dismissals, I shared what I was told.  I guess he must have let all the people go since he wasn't dismissed and knows how they were let go...

 ~ I heard that every time history repeats itself, the price goes up. We only have a baseline of civilization of around 3-5 thousand years. When one observes human behavior during that period, I’m not sure the term civilization is accurate.

 ~ Economics is not a science, it’s an ever-changing theory. In today’s world, it has become irrational and unreasonable. Collapse and crisis is direct proof that economists are almost always wrong. Don’t you find it odd we continue to believe their ideology?

I consider progress the ability to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. Based on that premise, we have made very little progress. Greed and corruption eventually causes a great implosion.

 ~ Human beings having nuclear weapons is similar to chimpanzees having loaded Uzis in crowded public places. Eventually, one will find the trigger and pull it.

Many scientists believe that humans will eventually face extinction here on earth. There are just too many ways it can happen for it not to become reality. Time, technology and population just increase the odds.

 ~ Recently, I heard it said on a documentary that we could empty half of the hospital beds in the world with the use of clean water. How could the medical profession survive that?

 ~  Justice Dept to Apple: We have 9 more phones we demand you unlock!

I place the over and under time limit that Apple will cave in to the Feds at May 6, 2016. The only problem with this is it will be done secretly, and include Mac computers as well.

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