Monday, December 21, 2015

The Fundamental Change of America

 ~ Well, local government officials want to take down Confederate statues and monuments. So, I guess we don’t need our children to remember we had a Civil War and the devastation of a divided country. Will they ban and burn books that supported the Confederacy? 3 to 5 says they will…

These monuments are a testament that both sides believed they were right…and their cause was just. They are proof that our beliefs are based on our perception of truth, right and wrong; and men are willing to fight and die for those beliefs. Who would want to teach their children that? Not the progressive movement nor this government.

The American people better wake up. Schools are not teaching our children the history of this country we learned. If they did, America’s future leaders at Yale wouldn’t be signing a petition to repeal the first amendment to the US Constitution.

You remember the first amendment don’t you? Freedoms of religion, Freedoms of speech, Freedoms of press, the right of people to assemble & to petition the government? I said in an earlier post this month that this would be the first of our freedoms to go. Sadly it looks like these freedoms won’t be taken away from us; it looks like we will freely ask them to be taken away.

I know people giving millions and millions to colleges because they believe they are helping America through educating its youth. If you blindly fund an institution of higher education, you may be fueling a catastrophic fire, one that will burn this country to the ground, as it did in the civil war. 

In order to steal from or enslave the masses, one must make them ignorant or indifferent to it. If you can make them look intelligent in the process it will go much quicker and easier. Knowledge is power, and if you control the flow of information, you are most powerful.

 ~ The US Justice Department has outlined a deal with city officials of Ferguson Missouri concerning the years of alleged unconstitutional policing by its police department. Chicago would be next, but the Mayor is in thick with the current administration, which exceeds constitutionality.

Based on what I’ve witnessed over the last 10 years, our justice department seems to care less and less about what’s constitutional and what’s not. Pretty soon, the POTUS will replace the Justice Department with one of his or her appointed Czars; cause that’s what dictators do…

 ~ Since Turkey is buying and selling ISIS oil and aiding them getting most of their supplies, including their vehicles, why are we not implementing great sanctions on that country? Are we worried we’re going to offend them?  Freedom, liberty and justice is no match for profit!

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