Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Accusers project their
own faults on others
Cast them stones!

 ~ The US government’s support of gay rights in Africa is making life more difficult for gay people in that country. This is how you help get people jailed, tortured and killed; yes, we're from the government and we're here to help...

 ~ And then there’s our President, accusing Trump of exploiting “anger, frustration, fear” of the working class. Imagine that, a politician accused of exploiting people’s fear. Ugh, like global warming? Don’t worry though, the working class in America is becoming an endangered species.

 ~ Hilary has accused Trump of being ISIS best recruiting tool. This coming from someone soliciting donations from ISIS sympathizers… I’m much more concerned about identifying them and keeping them out of our country than I am of Trump being their poster boy.

Sorry, but I don’t think there is any safe zone in America any more. Democrats have proven they prefer to negotiate with terrorists than eradicate them. If I remember correctly, Hilary’s husband had the opportunity to kill Bin Laden before 9/11 but chose not to…

 ~ Here’s a good one on free speech. A high school rapper was suspended from his high school because of his music; specifically, a song about alleged sexual impropriety of 2 of the school’s coaches and violent retribution. The Supreme Court is currently hearing the case. Sorry guys, it’s got to go both ways…

I was not impressed with the new Star Wars. It was a very poor attempt at a remake. Droid has map, resistance needs map, unmotivated heros attempt to deliver droid to resistance, new dark side Vader tries to capture droid and annihilate resistance. How very unoriginal.

Michael Moore held a sign outside Trump tower that read, “We are all Muslim”. Michael may be Muslim, but the words clown and tool come to mind. I don’t think he’s getting much support on this one.

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The Donald said...

Moore is such a worthless turd.