Wednesday, October 21, 2015

21st Century renamed: Dark Ages II
Holy crusades, round 2?

 ~ Will the 21st century be known as the second “Dark Ages” of world history, another medieval period where the word of authority supersedes rational thought and behavior? World events transpiring today have many similarities to those times, even with 1,000 years separating us.

Pursuing peace by selling the idea of war and motivating men to fight while conquering and occupying other lands for their resources and wealth are not the actions of civilized men. It’s still all about greed and power no matter what country uses force to rule others.

If we take a good look at our military efforts since 1950, we will find America is far from innocent. Without payment, profit or pressure from intimidation, participation would be minimal. Our lack of involvement in Africa being the best example.

The most ridiculous reality is that America has more than enough natural resources to be self sustaining, yet we are self proclaimed world enforcers of our own ideology, justified by “protecting our interests” in other countries. Since we have no need for outside energy sources, food or water, what are "our interests" in the countries we occupy other than world domination/globalization? Profit.

The biggest difference between the dark ages and now is our ability to totally annihilate life on the planet in a matter of weeks. If a country believed they had no hope for a future, what would motivate them not to ignite a nuclear holocaust if they believed their children and grandchildren are better off escaping the yoke of slavery and rule of another culture?

Bankers may run the world, but they are no match for terrorists or religious zealots with nuclear weapons. They make trillions financing nuclear proliferation and war efforts. The death of billions while going underground for decades is not a very good return on their investment.

If God allowed Jerusalem’s destruction due to disobedience and banished a third of the angels in heaven because of their pride, America has little chance of escaping a similar downfall. Though considered a disease of the heart by some, pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, murder and idolatry are glorified by Americans today. It need not be hidden if we can justify it.

Denial of this reality is human nature, allowing us to escape the fear of consequences. It is no accident that as many as 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders since we possess a conscience. We also treat this fear with medication, addiction, detachment or a spiritual remedy that allow us to sleep at night and pursue a good life.

Scripture has indicated that the future is not always set, allowing us an opportunity to change our thinking and behavior. Unfortunately, that takes unity to achieve a common goal, which is disappearing before our very eyes. Our suffering is optional, based on living a blameless life and reconciling our past actions. Good luck with that.


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Sensei Mitch said...

Insightful. Thank you for the clarity you bring to the conversation. I am glad you closed by mentioning that it "takes unity to achieve a common goal". It is hard to have a common goal when everyone is pursuing their own agenda. A common goal requires a common belief system. I would argue that there is a "unity" in the world today, unfortunately it is the unity of personal agenda and conscience.

To explain much of the world today to my children, I point out that most of what we see in the world, most peoples actions come from a lack of a common belief system. Or more correctly, lack of belief in anything other then themselves.

People always talk about following their conscience, what does that mean? It means nothing really. What we should say is we follow an "informed conscience".