Monday, October 19, 2015

Appalled Americans?
Not this conditioned generation...

Hypocrisy ~ accepted trait in everyone except 
professed Christians and conservative politicians, 
and those even tend to shoot their own wounded.

 ~ Confession may be good for the soul, but when church members beat and kill a teenager during a “counseling session” that addressed his wanting to leave the church, I am again reminded how delusional the human belief system can become.

Violence justified by religion is becoming pandemic. Even the pastor participated in the beating, which was a 12 hour ordeal. Could these be CHINOs - Christians in name only? This is the opposite of what Christ taught. If you believe actions of this kind are God’s will, you believe in a different God that I have come to know.

 ~ A NY Times article on the conflict in Jerusalem between Jews and Muslims touched on the attitude of entitlement in poor Palestinians may be one reason for the recent violent crusade. This attitude is a curse which does not discriminate against race, religion, nationality, sex or creed.

Poverty, fueled by envy and ideology, promoting hate and anger, erupting in violence; sound familiar? This attitude is a curse which does ndiscriminate against race, religion, nationality, sex or creed.

Despair, created by a perceived hopelessness provides nothing to lose, including an unsatisfying life (especially with 72 virgins waiting on the other side). Without opportunity for advancement, or the willingness to work to advance, young people are much more willing to revert to conquest by violence if there's any hope to satisfy their envy or other desires.

But Palestinians may have opened up a can of whoopass when they firebombed the tomb of Joseph on Friday. That’s like bombing the World Trade Center as far as provoking the Israeli people. This will provoke Christian extremists as well, and those can be some crazy sunzabitches! Expect many more deaths.

 ~ Al Gore has flip-flopped and become a big oil spokesman denouncing the use of ethanol gasoline. “First-generation ethanol was a mistake.” Although I don’t disagree, I do wonder if he would have  publically made this statement without being paid.

By far, America has the best, most educated and influential politicians money can buy. The easiest way to corrupt good people is to let them become politicians. The money almost always wins out over truth, justice and integrity. Today, wealth trumps character and commands much more public respect.

 ~ RINO Jeb Bush used the politically popular (and successful) fear card inferring that we can’t trust Donald Trump with America’s nuclear arsenal, yet America’s political leadership seem to trust Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and Turkey.

Sorry Jeb, I’m not buying. A real estate developer like Mr. Trump is much more likely to use chemical weapons so as to increase profit by reducing the time and cost of reconstruction.

The difference between a businessman and a politician, one counts the cost/ROI and the other counts  polling results. America is fed up with politicians selling our future to the highest bidder, a successful businessman might get us a better ROI.

I believe Jeb gets more news coverage on Trump attacks than for his own ideas, plans and agenda. It takes a Donald Trump to make a Jeb Bush remotely relevant.  Who is ready for another Bush sequel anyway?

Personally, I think Dennis Rodman would have done less damage to our country as President that the one currently in office. This administration has weakened our defenses, aided and armed our enemies, alienated our allies, instigated civil unrest, doubled national debt (stealing future prosperity), decreased American productivity and promoted division between Americans. Treasonous.

 ~ Just for grins, here are the latest stats on the cost (dollars only) of excessive alcohol use in the United States. $250 billion sound reasonable? I am not a prohibitionist, but the cost of certain vices can now be estimated. The cost of emotional and mental damage in alcoholic relationships cannot be expressed in dollars.

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