Thursday, September 3, 2015

Goose and Gander?

 ~ Shannon Miles emptied his 15 round clip into a police officer in an execution style murder. How is this not a hate crime?

Hate, demonstrated by murder, is truly a mental disorder, but justice should be blind when punishment is administered. I predict a temporary insanity defense and proven mentally incompetent to stand trial. That seems to be the best defense until they can get a deal from the prosecutor.

I believe police assassinations will become an almost daily event if leadership continues to promote civil unrest. If mentally unstable people want to rebel against authority, LEO’s are the most available target. It’s not bad yet, but I believe it’s coming…

 ~ I noticed that the aide who set up Hillary Clinton’s email server pleaded the fifth and chose to remain silent. Someone may be in big trouble. Nothing that a Presidential pardon won't solve.

 ~ Why did this mother drown her 2 year old twins? She said nobody loved them or her and wanted them “to be at peace”. How does someone live with that?

The Deity had an interesting question a while back to the effect of: would someone kill their young child just to make sure they went to heaven? This may be a case of that train of thought.

 ~ It’s also good to know that the Pope has confirmed that Priests can absolve faithful Catholics for having an abortion. Does that include taking the morning after pill?

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